We tackle the world's biggest and most interesting visual computing challenges with artificial intelligence.
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We solve Industry-specific Problems by Combining A.I. and Subject Matter Expertise.

Our business

Our business model is to offer A.I. end products for companies that are easy and scalable to use.

A.I. Products

Raypack Multi Object Detection

Detect several Objects

Raypack Multi Object Detection

Raypack Multiobject Detection is a realtime Solution for Detecting several objects in a Image or a Video.


Raypack® Video Recognition

Frame by Frame

Raypack Video Recognition 

is an intelligent combination of video processing it use neural networks for video indexing. We trained a dataset of over 1000 Categories into a neural network. Raypack AI Video Analyzer picks the highest confidence labels and send them back in a JSON structure. You can import this in elasticsearch or other database clusters.


Raypack® Face AI

Face Detection & Identification

Raypack Face AI 

Raypack Face AI is complete Solution for realtime and offline Face recognition. With this software you are able to recognize your own face datasets in seconds.


Raypack® Human Pose

Up to 18 Body Key Points

Raypack Human Pose AI

Raypack AI pose estimation provides several models for real time processing on low power GPU embedded and Desktop GPU Systems.


Raypack® AI Vision Tools

Tools for faster processing

AI Vision Tools 

Raypack AI Vision tools help A.I. Engineers to prepare their Images or Videos over the GPU. The tools contain labeling tools, GPU Image Filtering as well Video Decoding and Encoding as well Streaming Interfaces.


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