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Committed to visual computing that benefits everyone.

Visual computing enables more than just simple image recognition. 

With our artificial intelligence solutions we want to help companies to make their lives more meaningful instead of having to do the same things every day.

Human-level Understanding of A.I.

We work with Capsulate and Modal Neural Networks. This is currently one of the most advanced method for visual computing. By sorting the context and theme of each photo or video frame, our technology provides a personalized, human output.

Products & Solutions

Forensic A.I. Image Filtering

We filter out areas that are invisible to the human eye in realtime. The following video shows a forensic A. I. image filter method to better identify an unknown flying object.

3D Face Detection in 2D Images

We use the world’s most accurate face alignment network, capable of detecting points in both 2D and 3D coordinates.

Object Identifications

Detecting multiple objects in real time is one of our A. I. products. We train and execute the fastest object recognition.

Object Segmentations

We calculate the probability of an accident and give the sensors a feedback so that they can react.

A.I. Video Analyzer

Raypack A.I. Video Analyzer allows to tag videoframes automaticly through A.I. Retraining is also possible to identify custom objects.

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