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Heute und in den nächsten zwei Tagen finden die Medientage in München statt. Wir freuen uns dort unsere Lösung zur AI basierten automatischen Indizierung von Videos und Archivmaterial präsentieren zu können.

Sie finden uns auf dem Stand der deutschen Telekom. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!


Great event, which – among others – makes us proud and happy to be part of it!

The exciting journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing is still going on. The days here in Berlin are full of inspiration, visionary ideas, and valuable information.

Come and visit us at our booth, where our colleagues Ann Sophie and Jörg are showing our current use cases for Visual Computing with AI. More specifically, our innovative product for Quality Control in Manufacturing which delivers efficient and highly accurate results – and only takes 4 simple steps to set-up!

It goes without saying that this event is worth your attention, besides as you can observe from our colleague’s picture, their smiles say everything!



The most significant industry event for Mechanical Engineering is just around the corner!
On the 16th and 17th, October we will be at Maschinenbaugipfel in Berlin, and we are inviting you to join us in obtaining exclusive know-how on the mega-trends of technology.

There, we will spend two days discussing our innovative products and services such as our Quality Control model. With an achievement rank of 99%, this tool undertakes the laborious task of Quality Control in Manufacturing, and it successfully delivers an unprecedented number of efficient and accurate results, while the set up is made in only 4 simple steps. Thanks to our Intelligent Visual Inspection expertise, Quality Control for Manufacturing is easier and more accurate than ever!

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth and share our innovative ideas!
Reserve your place here.

See you in Berlin!


Two days of a successful workshop have led to a great achievement!

We are delighted to announce that RAYPACK.AI powered by NVIDIA is now part of Microsoft Azure IoT Edge! This integration offers a unique solution for implementing AI applications in a highly distributed environment based on Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and RAYPACK’s distinctive Gustav Edge Appliance.

Gustav consists of the Rebotnix technologies Edge-AI Hardware platform. Also, it is the world’s smallest supercomputer in a palm-sized box with a 256 core Nvidia Tegra Chip and up to 1 TB local SSD storage.

The associated RAYPACK.AI software is fully compatible with all embedded AI platforms as well as Gustav hardware and enables the application of Artificial Intelligence on the smallest AI devices.

Besides the industrial monitoring of automation processes, RAYPACK.AI products and services offer various AI solutions such as face detection and object recognition based on individual customer requirements of own AI business models.

Its passive cooling system assures high availability and flexibility even during rough environmental situations. Moreover, Gustav Edge AI-platform provides a complete framework for running AI models at the edge and offers several patterns, that are optimized for edge processing.

Gustav’s integration with Azure IoT allows customers to download and run apps from Azure remotely. Azure IoT Hub device management and provisioning services allow to set up and manage massively distributed infrastructure worldwide

Gustav platform can be found soon on www.raypack.ai/gustav


RAYPACK.AI is Europe’s leading company for distributed AI infrastructures and visual computing. The Cologne-based company was founded in 2018 by Gary Hilgemann and Joerg Bienert, who among others, are serial entrepreneurs with solid experience in big data, visual computing and AI. RAYPACK.AI’s highly talented team is committed and passionate about turning AI tools into easy-to-deploy solutions to make our life easier and even more amusing!