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Immediately after the federal government had presented its AI strategy last week, our CEO and President of the German AI Association gave an interview at the daily evening news on Tagesschau.de. During this interview, our products were also shown, emphasizing our expertise in visual computing, such as face and person detection.

The AI strategy is a very comprehensive document with 77 individual measures. However, since concrete implementation plans including associated budget are mainly lacking, a short-term concretization is necessary. “The strategy paper is a good starting point for an intensive process, which must now be started immediately with all participants. Otherwise, this is just a nice collection of ideas.”

Click here for the interview and contact us at connect@raypack.ai for more information!

We are delighted and proud that our Head of Business Development Ann Sophie Löhde brought RAYPACK.AI in the second place, reaching a score of 77 votes after the first round of pitches. Due to that, our pitching time was extended for another 15 minutes, an excellent opportunity to present our solution for intelligent quality control in more detail! This solution has distinct advantages which are worth your attention! Check out our website for more information!

Our special thanks go to the digihub for the fruitful event and this recognition.
The innovative “state-of-mind” of our company is higher than ever!





Save the date! On 14th of November, MaschBau Innovation Night is taking place in Mönchengladbach. Our Head of Business Development Ann Sophie Löhde will be there pitching our innovative solution for quality control in manufacturing: RAYPACK AI CAM.

RAYPACK AI-CAM revolutionizes visual quality inspection by offering an intelligent solution for manufacturing companies in a ready-to-use format. We provide an AI-based visual quality control solution that runs in the cloud, at the edge and can be installed by a non-IT specialist.

For a detailed description check out our website and the video we have prepared for you. Click here for more information about the event.

When it comes to innovation, the sky is the limit!


Heute und in den nächsten zwei Tagen finden die Medientage in München statt. Wir freuen uns dort unsere Lösung zur AI basierten automatischen Indizierung von Videos und Archivmaterial präsentieren zu können.

Sie finden uns auf dem Stand der deutschen Telekom. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!


Great event, which – among others – makes us proud and happy to be part of it!

The exciting journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing is still going on. The days here in Berlin are full of inspiration, visionary ideas, and valuable information.

Come and visit us at our booth, where our colleagues Ann Sophie and Jörg are showing our current use cases for Visual Computing with AI. More specifically, our innovative product for Quality Control in Manufacturing which delivers efficient and highly accurate results – and only takes 4 simple steps to set-up!

It goes without saying that this event is worth your attention, besides as you can observe from our colleague’s picture, their smiles say everything!