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Quality is key. To ensure it, however, manufacturing companies are often confronted with the challenge of balancing cost-benefit considerations. Notably, the field of visual quality inspection is still largely dependent on human inspection due to its complexity – often requiring ‘experience.’ Fortunately, latest developments in the field of visual AI have enabled us to create a solution that does not only level up to human visual inspection, but in many cases even outperforms it: the RAYPACK AI-CAM.

RAYPACK AI-CAM revolutionizes visual quality inspection by offering an intelligent solution for manufacturing companies in a ready-to-use format. We provide an AI-based visual quality control solution that runs in the cloud, at the edge and can be installed by a non-IT specialist.

This promising tool is expected to provide three key benefits:

  1. Efficiency: increases productivity in quality control.
  2. Cost Savings: 24/7 ready for operation, lean installation, and fully automated processes.
  3. Flexibility: Higher defect detection rate, works in imperfect environments and identifies unknown defects.

RAYPACK AI-CAM undertakes the difficult task of quality control in manufacturing, and it successfully delivers a remarkable number of precise results. It is 100% non-invasive, highly accurate in detecting motion and distance as well as easy to use as it allows for a non-IT specialist to set-up the solution in only four steps.

Quality control for manufacturing is now easier and more accurate than ever!  Not convinced yet? Check out our Quality Control video for a detailed description and contact us at info@raypack.ai for more information and our team will take care to bring this intelligent solution to your business.

What is Pose Estimation?

Pose estimation refers to a combination of algorithms and computer techniques that enable human figure detection in an image and video. Thus, with this technique, one could determine, for example, where someone’s key body parts are.

Precisely, this technology does not aim to recognize who is in an image but only on focusing on estimating the human figure. When it comes to posing detection, there is no personally identifiable information associated – the algorithm is just estimating.

What is RAYPACK.AI Human Pose?

RAYPACK.AI Human Pose is a ready-to-deploy AI model that analyzes the human posture while it detects up to 18 critical points of the human body and their relative positions enabling the deduction of highly detailed posture information. This information can be employed in some applications ranging from health to security purposes.

To make RAYPACK.AI Human Pose model possible, we use a neural network architecture that is capable of executing rapidly while offering efficient and accurate analyses of videos and images. This model has several uses, from interactive installations that react to the body to augmented reality, animation, fitness uses, and more, giving users the opportunity to develop their business applications.

For a detailed description of how easy RAYPACK Human Pose can start running, we have prepared a video which indicates the current status of our model on a 15-Watt device.

We are delighted and proud that our Head of Business Development Ann Sophie Löhde brought RAYPACK.AI in the second place, reaching a score of 77 votes after the first round of pitches. Due to that, our pitching time was extended for another 15 minutes, an excellent opportunity to present our solution for intelligent quality control in more detail! This solution has distinct advantages which are worth your attention! Check out our website for more information!

Our special thanks go to the digihub for the fruitful event and this recognition.
The innovative “state-of-mind” of our company is higher than ever!