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Only one week it is left until the KI Mittelstand 2019-organized by unternehmertum-takes place in Munich. At the heart of the event: understanding AI potentials and learning from leading AI experts!

This promising event will give you the unique opportunity to discuss with specialists from various industries about AI for SMEs and obtain answers to questions such as: what does the influence of AI means for you and your medium-sized company? Which use cases are really relevant for you? And what do you have to do to actually implement them? AI pioneers and users will be there to share their knowledge with you!

RAYPACK.AI will be among the selected AI startups who will pitch and contribute to helping you get started and see some of our latest AI services while expanding your network. 

Also, we are happy that our CEO and President of the German AI Association Joerg Bienert will be there to discuss the German potential and its tremendous need to catch up on Artificial Intelligence! 

More details about the event you will find here! Grab the chance to attend such a fruitful conference – book your ticket TODAY!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in this AI journey!

Today is a special day for us! Just a few hours ago, our sister company REBOTNIX announced Gustav Enterprise: the first multi-function hardware and software platform that is compliant with #NVIDIA #Jetson#AGX#Xavier and #NVIDIA#Jetson#TX2 as well as AI computing devices.

This partnership makes us very proud as together with NVIDIA and REBOTNIX we are implementing and jointly distributing our AI products and solutions. 

This new cooperation means more hardware series for our customers. Specifically, businesses can get a complete system for their AI applications available in several versions:
– GUSTAV Enterprise Mobile (Jetson AGX Xavier only)
– GUSTAV Enterprise Half-Rack (Jetson AGX Xavier or Jetson TX2)
– GUSTAV (Jetson TX2 only)

This promising partnership is a huge success for us while it boosts our incentive to convert our state-of-the-art solutions into successful AI stories for many years to come!

For more details on the fields of applications, check out the available video as well as REBOTNIX website and contact us for additional information.

The leading conference for AI implementation is taking place on March 21st and 22nd in Munich. This fantastic international experience would not possible without the contribution of Handelsblatt and AI Summit: the significant partners of business events!

In addition to outstanding AI manager contributors of various companies, we are delighted that our CEO and President of KI-Verband Jörg Bienert will be there to discuss the responsibilities of KI Verband and its essential role in supporting Germany in catching up with new technologies.

Join us for two days of discussion and inspiration and let’s exchange valuable information and experiences while enhancing our network.

Are you ready for a fantastic AI journey? See you there!

Quality is key. To ensure it, however, manufacturing companies are often confronted with the challenge of balancing cost-benefit considerations. Notably, the field of visual quality inspection is still largely dependent on human inspection due to its complexity – often requiring ‘experience.’ Fortunately, latest developments in the field of visual AI have enabled us to create a solution that does not only level up to human visual inspection, but in many cases even outperforms it: the RAYPACK AI-CAM.

RAYPACK AI-CAM revolutionizes visual quality inspection by offering an intelligent solution for manufacturing companies in a ready-to-use format. We provide an AI-based visual quality control solution that runs in the cloud, at the edge and can be installed by a non-IT specialist.

This promising tool is expected to provide three key benefits:

  1. Efficiency: increases productivity in quality control.
  2. Cost Savings: 24/7 ready for operation, lean installation, and fully automated processes.
  3. Flexibility: Higher defect detection rate, works in imperfect environments and identifies unknown defects.

RAYPACK AI-CAM undertakes the difficult task of quality control in manufacturing, and it successfully delivers a remarkable number of precise results. It is 100% non-invasive, highly accurate in detecting motion and distance as well as easy to use as it allows for a non-IT specialist to set-up the solution in only four steps.

Quality control for manufacturing is now easier and more accurate than ever!  Not convinced yet? Check out our Quality Control video for a detailed description and contact us at info@raypack.ai for more information and our team will take care to bring this intelligent solution to your business.

Do you want to explore your passion for data? Then join us at the Data Festival 2019! Taking place from 20 to 21 March at the Muffatwerk in Munich, this Festival aims at bringing together the community of users and data experts! The focus is on topics such as Data Science & Machine Learning, Data Engineering & Architecture, Data Visualization & Analytics.

In addition, there will be a day of exciting pre-conference workshop on March 19 where you will have the chance to obtain a first impression of this fruitful event while enhancing your network!


19.03.2019 – Pre-Workshop-Day

20.03.2019 – 21.03.2019 – Conference


Pre-Workshop-Day – Sofitel Hotel in Munich

Conference – Muffatwerk

We are offering you the exclusive opportunity to visit the event (20 and 21 of March) at a reduced price of 50%. Click here to purchase your ticket and use the coupon code: SpeakerInvitAtion50%Bienert under the coupon code field. Hurry up! This offer is valid only for three people.

See you there!