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Only one week it is left until the KI Mittelstand 2019-organized by unternehmertum-takes place in Munich. At the heart of the event: understanding AI potentials and learning from leading AI experts!

This promising event will give you the unique opportunity to discuss with specialists from various industries about AI for SMEs and obtain answers to questions such as: what does the influence of AI means for you and your medium-sized company? Which use cases are really relevant for you? And what do you have to do to actually implement them? AI pioneers and users will be there to share their knowledge with you!

RAYPACK.AI will be among the selected AI startups who will pitch and contribute to helping you get started and see some of our latest AI services while expanding your network. 

Also, we are happy that our CEO and President of the German AI Association Joerg Bienert will be there to discuss the German potential and its tremendous need to catch up on Artificial Intelligence! 

More details about the event you will find here! Grab the chance to attend such a fruitful conference – book your ticket TODAY!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in this AI journey!

The leading conference for AI implementation is taking place on March 21st and 22nd in Munich. This fantastic international experience would not possible without the contribution of Handelsblatt and AI Summit: the significant partners of business events!

In addition to outstanding AI manager contributors of various companies, we are delighted that our CEO and President of KI-Verband Jörg Bienert will be there to discuss the responsibilities of KI Verband and its essential role in supporting Germany in catching up with new technologies.

Join us for two days of discussion and inspiration and let’s exchange valuable information and experiences while enhancing our network.

Are you ready for a fantastic AI journey? See you there!

2018 was such a productive year for us! New products and services were developed, new ideas were captured, and our vision has come one step closer to reality!

Our participation in various fruitful events was a great chance to discuss and exchange ideas directly with our customers, partners, and colleagues which also gave us useful feedback about our products.

With high incentives for further development, we are looking forward to 2019, which among others, seems to be a promising year. We look forward to discovering together with you more AI tools and achieving successful ventures!

We thank our employees and clients, who helped us, to make everything happen!

We wish our clients, employees, partners, and their families a wonderful Christmas and a great start in 2019.

Your RAYPACK.AI team!

Dear RAYPACK.AI friends, customers and partners!

Since November 1st, 2018, our offices can be found in a new beautiful location at the Kölner-Heumarkt. Our new address is ‘Gürzenichstrasse 27, 50667 in Cologne‘ on the 4th floor. Here we have a bird’s eye view over the Heumarkt; the Deutzer Brücke and the Rhine while we are enjoying a great atmosphere at any time!

Visit us for a cup of coffee or a glass of gluhwein and have joyful moments at the Christmas Market. Be part of our journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence and get inspired by new digital approaches and innovative ideas!

Please make a note of the following date:

– KI & Karneval on Thursday, 28 February 2019, from 16:00 with impulse interest on Artificial Intelligence

– Carnival finale in the Gürzenich-Festhalle from 19:00 at the FEST IN BLAU of Kölner Funken Artillerie blue-white since 1870 e.V.

More details on the agenda are to be announced soon. Be spontaneous: We are looking forward to early registration for better planning of our events.

Visit us at any time in the new business premises and to our events.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Your RAYPACK.AI team

There couldn’t be a better way for our company to end this year than that of winning at the European Venture Contest as one of the Top Digital Tech Companies for 2018!

We are proud to have participated in the prestigious competition among 2400+ companies from 27 countries in Europe, where we were distinguished as one of the Digital Tech Winners for 2018.

For the EVC final selection process, we were invited together with other 124 companies as the top-rated companies of the Tech Tour European Venture Contest, selected over a series of 20 regional or sector–focused qualifying events which composed the final contest.  

This win is a great way to welcome the new year for which we are preparing many exciting projects and it is a strong incentive for our future development! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you TechTour for organizing this fruitful event! Our warmest thank you goes to the whole RAYPACK.AI team for the dedication and great job.