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What is RAYPACK.AI Face?

RAYPACK.AI Face is a high-performance model for facial detection and recognition. This model provides a ready-to-deploy solution and counts an unprecedented number of facial recognition – accurately and efficiently.

How it works?

To enable facial recognition, the basis of the model must engage a precise execution. As compared with other available services in the market, RAYPACK.AI Face has a distinct advantage due to its highly reliable performance with enormous detection rates and a high-speed process.

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Fields of application

  • Face detection for identification
  • Automatic saving of visual fields
  • Anonymized face detection
  • Counting of persons
  • At concerts or smart cities
  • GDPR Compliant


  • Raypack Face API Interface
  • JSON or XML responses
  • Works for Images, VOD or Live Streams
  • Outputs JSON or rendered Images
  • 3 Modies, Normal, Hidden or Fill
  • License OnPremise or Cloud
  • Supports CPU, GPU Desktop and ARM
  • Reliable face recognition
  • Error Model Rate 0.8%
  • Face Accuracy is 99.2%

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