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RAYPACK.AI Human Pose is a ready-to-deploy AI model that analyzes the human posture while it detects up to 18 critical points of the human body and their relative positions enabling the deduction of highly detailed posture information. This information can be employed in some applications ranging from health to security purposes. RAYPACK Human Pose offers efficient and accurate analyses of videos and images giving users the opportunity to develop their business applications.

For a detailed description of how easy RAYPACK Human Pose can start running, we have prepared the above video which indicates the current status of our RAYPACK Human Pose model on a 15 Watt device.


RAYPACK AI CAM revolutionizes visual quality inspection by offering an intelligent solution for manufacturing companies in a ready-to-use format. We provide an AI-based visual quality control solution that runs in the cloud, at the edge and can be installed by a non-IT specialist. This video provides a detailed description of how easy RAYPACK AI CAM can start running! Check it out!


This video shows RAYPACK.AI Face Detection. With this technology, it is possible to recognize faces, which is the basis for many other applications.

Face Product Page


This video shows RAYPACK.AI technology in combination with a low-cost thermal image sensor. The hardware that we used came from rebotnix technologies and is called “GUSTAV”.

The Voice of RAYPACK.AI

The voice of #RAYPACK.AI is a computer generated voice which is able to set emotional accents through a user-friendly editor.  Although we work in the field of Visual Computing we are intensively engaged in how to fill visual experiences with beautiful emotions. RAYPACK.AI voice will be a part of our RAYPACK.AI vision tools.

RAYPACK.AI Traffic Management

This video shows how we can use the RAYPACK technology together with the cost-effective AI hardware from rebotnix technologies to count, evaluate and monitor parking lots and traffic situations. Compared to installing sensors in the streets, this is a very cheap alternative.

RAYPACK.AI Human Pose Demo

This video shows the use of RAYPACK.AI Human Pose. With this model we built an application for a customer project where Raypack supervises the exercise of the fitness application.

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